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Dakshin Speakers (ISO 9001 Certified Company) - Leading Indian Manufacturer and Exporter of Quality Speakers. Dakshin Speakers manufacturer and exporter of all types of Car Speaker, Audio Speakers, PA Speaker, TV Speakers and Multimedia Speakers from India.

From cars and public address system speakers to television and multimedia speakers, Dakshin offers the complete range. Dakshin’s growing capacity also comes with a full sweep of production combinations. So you can procure speakers of any kind made to your own specifications at Dakshin.

Dakshin Speaker Manufacturing Private Limited (DSMPL) is a manufacturer of high-quality speaker drives and voice coils with a global clientele. The company’s products find applications in automobile, audio, television, multimedia and public address systems. Approved by original equipment manufacturers the world wide, Dakshin enjoys a legacy of Japanese manufacturing excellence.

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