23x15 coaxial Four way

Specifications :
Response 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Impedence-4.0 +/-0.6 Ohms
Resonance Frequency-50Hz +/-15 Hz
Power :
Nominal-50 w,Maximum -200 w
SPL-90+/-3 dB.
THD Max 5 %
Features :
· Size-23x15cm (9x5 Inch)
· High Performance Cross Fibred PP Film coated Vaio Paper cone
  with High Bass ,Long Life C-LITE FOAM edge
· Big, High power Strontium Magnet
· 5 cm tweeter and Two 4cm Tweeter
· Superior Quality ,High Power, High Temperature resistant
  Duraluminium Voice Coil
SPL Graph Construction Drawing Back